Lagrange Points

(excerpted from Transhuman Space, High Frontier)

Lagrange points are five locations in space where a small body – like a space station – can maintain a stable orbit despite teh gravitational influence of two much more massive bodies – like Earth and Luna – that are orbiting a common center of mass. The five Lagrange points in the Earth-Moon system are referred to as L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5. At these points the gravitational pull and orbital forces of the Earth and Luna balance out.

The Lagrange Points: Where are they?

  • L1 is located between Luna and the Earth
  • L2 is located on the opposite side of Luna from the Earth
  • L3 is located on the far side of Earth in the direction opposite Earth
  • L4 is located 60 degrees ahead of Luna’s orbit around the Earth
  • L5 is located 60 degrees behind Luna’s orbit around the Earth

Lagrange Points

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