Transhuman Space - The Republic

Station Saved, check. Nanoswarm still threatens, check!

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

Please forgive my brief message. My notes took second fiddle to a distinct desire to preserve my hide.

The situation on the station was far worse than I could have anticipated. Through only the foresight of my parents who provided me with an Alpha upgrade, was I able to withstand the constant biological attacks of the runaway experiments on this station.

My colleagues the Maori and the Italian were not so fortunate. The Italian was quickly overcome with a zombie like disease and disappeared into the bowels of the station, slobbering and muttering like a mad fool. The Maori became something quite different, turning into an albino hulking mass. She seemed quite pleased as she can now wield her traditional club with lethal fury.

The doctor also disappeared.

We made our way to the red sector and was able to disable most of the biological contaminants. Unfortunately, a nanoswarm is all that remains of our deadly threats.

A group of pirates were efficiently dispatched by a ghost of Agent Thatcher, who informed us this station was formerly a British research station and it must be saved from a decaying orbit caused by the lunatic actions of the woman who ferried us to the station. It was only through the heroic efforts of the US operations manager, Alvin, were we able to get the engines back online and stabilize our orbit.

We now sit, waiting for the nanoswarms to consume us. Agent Thatcher sends his regards.

Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI

##### End Encrypted Message #####



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