Transhuman Space - The Republic

Point, Marcus Aurelius

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

I have some terrible news to report. Sadly, the European Union has been thrown out of the Republic due, in part, to my actions.

It seems as though the resident gossip monger and yellow journalist, Aftab, is working for Marcus Aurelius. I discovered this after I saw a meme being generated implicating us as terrorists who assaulted the Commandant Elsa Sevent. This meme grew out of an actual assault perpetrated by our lesbian Maori, Tonga. She was coming down from serious cocaine high.

So, to counteract this meme I thought I could use Aftab. After negotiating an interesting settlement, he agreed to start a new meme; one which implicated the Commandant in a drug smuggling ring. This led to her unfortunate execution. Of course, I had no indication that Aftab would go to such lengths nor that he was in the employ of Marcus Aurelius.

Without the high morals of the EU to keep the wretched ancient Roman memes quashed, the Republic is free to go into further chaos.

Aurelius was quite happy with this outcome and we’ve been given citizenship in the Republic and have been hailed as heroes. Unfortunately it seems he still considers us enemies, as evidenced by some information that was acquired by GenTech operatives.

I’m still trying to find some time to work on a campaign to counteract some of these memes, but I’m constantly being rushed from place to place. Perhaps the unfortunate turn of events will allow me some peace to do some real memetic work.

Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI

P.S. Lloyd was wiped by someone and the twenty artificial intelligences were gone when we got back to the ship. I’m quite sad about this, as I wanted to win back Lloyd’s trust after we treated him so terribly.

##### End Encrypted Message #####



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