Transhuman Space - The Republic

Just Checking In!

#### Begin Encrypted Message ####

Dear Em,

After shoving off to the Republic, I’ve discovered that misfortune seems to be following me. If it’s not the hacked Artificial Intelligence piloting our tin can into the station, the lawsuit brought against me, or the loss of Pastor John Upson to some shadowy assasin, I’m sure the large cups of olive oil will surely kill me.

The commandant of security for the station is named Elsa Sevent. She’s been kind enough to give me a short leash to investigate the terrorism that’s recently occurred on the station. This is mainly to clear my name and the names of the others who happened to be on the ship that brought us to this station.

Apparently, this place seems to be the front for a raging memetic war. For some unforeseen reason every major corporation has a foothold here. What surprised me was the Chinese have a controlling interest in the station, not the Italian government.

Well, I’m rushed and need to go. I continue to await your instructions.


Winston Blair

##### End Encrypted Message #####



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