Transhuman Space - The Republic

Bloody Hell!

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

I do hope you’ll get to read this note, as I fear I may be trapped on a dead bio research facility with some horrible experiments gone terribly wrong.

It seems as though the benevolent hand of Marcus Aurelius has guided us to a very strange mission. The Terrell-Dieskau corporation lost contact with one of its bio-research stations in the L5 Lagrange point and citizen Aurelius recommended us as a capable survey team. Of course, we were skeptical because trusted intelligence has led us to believe that Aurelius hopes for our demise.

Using that intelligence guided us in an attempt to take the job, but use our own transport. TD, refused. They would shuttle us there in their own ship. I, being quite curious as to how this might be our demise, thought we could take as many precautions as we needed to ensure our safety. We all agreed and we began our trip.

The crew consisted of a mother of two children, diligently working to improve her lot in life; a drunken Russian who preferred video games over polite platonic talk with the female members of our team; and an Indian woman who wanted to paint our Maori woman in the nude or some such thing.

Arriving at the station, it looked as though something was seriously wrong. Most stations in any orbit look somewhat like floating organisms; they have a regular spin, lights are seen through their portals, and maintenance crews are constantly crawling along the outer shell fixing all the problems that space might bring their home. This station showed none of those signs.

None of the docking ports were operable, so we needed to suit up and space walk to the lab. It would seem that everyone but the bioroid are quite absent-minded when it comes to using their vacc suits, as Fabian instantly put on his jets and pulled us out into space in a twisted mass of people. Mr Christmas was able to fish us back in, but I’m going to recommend to everyone we use the hooks which are built into our vacc suits to secure ourselves before we do any walking in space.

Alvin got the air lock open and we trundled inside. The TD associate who accompanied us instantly took her helmet off, despite the glaring problems we instantly encountered. The lab’s main lights were completely dead and it seemed as though most systems were as well. The occasional emergency lights flicked randomly, create a rather forbidding scene. Luckily, life support systems were still operable, but the stale stench of death was distinctly prominent.

Fabian pulled out his torch and we began searching for an engineering section where Alvin might be able to do his magic and restore some vital systems, namely lights.

After turning a few corners, we realized there were other people here. I anticipate they are people, but we cannot be positive due to them scurrying like roaches away from any light source. There were signs of fighting and barricades broken. It seems as though the entire lab is under a state of general disarray.

Whatever force which sapped all the civilization from the crew seemed to affect the pilot of the corporation’s ship when she went mad and started slamming the ship into the lab, which, of course, caused a rupture in the hull which nearly sucked us out the airlock again.

After valiantly saving ourselves from a slow twirling death in space, we found ourselves on the other side of a bulkhead with now no apparent way to exit the lab. Essentially trapped.

Em, please give my regards to everyone at Vauxhall Cross. I do intend to see them again!

Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI ##### End Encrypted Message #####



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