Transhuman Space - The Republic

Brief Outline of Memetic Engineering

((OOC This is intended as a working outline to touch on some of the aspects of memetic engineering.))

Identified Memes on the Republic

  • EU is bad
  • Ancient Roman Society is good
  • Slavery is fine
  • Alvin Crispin is the bane of all workers outside of the US section

Meme Analysis

Memetic Campaign

  • Populations Targeted
  • Vectors Used to Deliver the campaign
  • Memes to be Propagated
  • Virulence

Some Skill Rolls (examples)

  • Research
  • Area Knowledge
  • Streetwise
Station Saved, check. Nanoswarm still threatens, check!

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

Please forgive my brief message. My notes took second fiddle to a distinct desire to preserve my hide.

The situation on the station was far worse than I could have anticipated. Through only the foresight of my parents who provided me with an Alpha upgrade, was I able to withstand the constant biological attacks of the runaway experiments on this station.

My colleagues the Maori and the Italian were not so fortunate. The Italian was quickly overcome with a zombie like disease and disappeared into the bowels of the station, slobbering and muttering like a mad fool. The Maori became something quite different, turning into an albino hulking mass. She seemed quite pleased as she can now wield her traditional club with lethal fury.

The doctor also disappeared.

We made our way to the red sector and was able to disable most of the biological contaminants. Unfortunately, a nanoswarm is all that remains of our deadly threats.

A group of pirates were efficiently dispatched by a ghost of Agent Thatcher, who informed us this station was formerly a British research station and it must be saved from a decaying orbit caused by the lunatic actions of the woman who ferried us to the station. It was only through the heroic efforts of the US operations manager, Alvin, were we able to get the engines back online and stabilize our orbit.

We now sit, waiting for the nanoswarms to consume us. Agent Thatcher sends his regards.

Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI

##### End Encrypted Message #####

Bloody Hell!

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

I do hope you’ll get to read this note, as I fear I may be trapped on a dead bio research facility with some horrible experiments gone terribly wrong.

It seems as though the benevolent hand of Marcus Aurelius has guided us to a very strange mission. The Terrell-Dieskau corporation lost contact with one of its bio-research stations in the L5 Lagrange point and citizen Aurelius recommended us as a capable survey team. Of course, we were skeptical because trusted intelligence has led us to believe that Aurelius hopes for our demise.

Using that intelligence guided us in an attempt to take the job, but use our own transport. TD, refused. They would shuttle us there in their own ship. I, being quite curious as to how this might be our demise, thought we could take as many precautions as we needed to ensure our safety. We all agreed and we began our trip.

The crew consisted of a mother of two children, diligently working to improve her lot in life; a drunken Russian who preferred video games over polite platonic talk with the female members of our team; and an Indian woman who wanted to paint our Maori woman in the nude or some such thing.

Arriving at the station, it looked as though something was seriously wrong. Most stations in any orbit look somewhat like floating organisms; they have a regular spin, lights are seen through their portals, and maintenance crews are constantly crawling along the outer shell fixing all the problems that space might bring their home. This station showed none of those signs.

None of the docking ports were operable, so we needed to suit up and space walk to the lab. It would seem that everyone but the bioroid are quite absent-minded when it comes to using their vacc suits, as Fabian instantly put on his jets and pulled us out into space in a twisted mass of people. Mr Christmas was able to fish us back in, but I’m going to recommend to everyone we use the hooks which are built into our vacc suits to secure ourselves before we do any walking in space.

Alvin got the air lock open and we trundled inside. The TD associate who accompanied us instantly took her helmet off, despite the glaring problems we instantly encountered. The lab’s main lights were completely dead and it seemed as though most systems were as well. The occasional emergency lights flicked randomly, create a rather forbidding scene. Luckily, life support systems were still operable, but the stale stench of death was distinctly prominent.

Fabian pulled out his torch and we began searching for an engineering section where Alvin might be able to do his magic and restore some vital systems, namely lights.

After turning a few corners, we realized there were other people here. I anticipate they are people, but we cannot be positive due to them scurrying like roaches away from any light source. There were signs of fighting and barricades broken. It seems as though the entire lab is under a state of general disarray.

Whatever force which sapped all the civilization from the crew seemed to affect the pilot of the corporation’s ship when she went mad and started slamming the ship into the lab, which, of course, caused a rupture in the hull which nearly sucked us out the airlock again.

After valiantly saving ourselves from a slow twirling death in space, we found ourselves on the other side of a bulkhead with now no apparent way to exit the lab. Essentially trapped.

Em, please give my regards to everyone at Vauxhall Cross. I do intend to see them again!

Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI ##### End Encrypted Message #####

Point, Marcus Aurelius

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

I have some terrible news to report. Sadly, the European Union has been thrown out of the Republic due, in part, to my actions.

It seems as though the resident gossip monger and yellow journalist, Aftab, is working for Marcus Aurelius. I discovered this after I saw a meme being generated implicating us as terrorists who assaulted the Commandant Elsa Sevent. This meme grew out of an actual assault perpetrated by our lesbian Maori, Tonga. She was coming down from serious cocaine high.

So, to counteract this meme I thought I could use Aftab. After negotiating an interesting settlement, he agreed to start a new meme; one which implicated the Commandant in a drug smuggling ring. This led to her unfortunate execution. Of course, I had no indication that Aftab would go to such lengths nor that he was in the employ of Marcus Aurelius.

Without the high morals of the EU to keep the wretched ancient Roman memes quashed, the Republic is free to go into further chaos.

Aurelius was quite happy with this outcome and we’ve been given citizenship in the Republic and have been hailed as heroes. Unfortunately it seems he still considers us enemies, as evidenced by some information that was acquired by GenTech operatives.

I’m still trying to find some time to work on a campaign to counteract some of these memes, but I’m constantly being rushed from place to place. Perhaps the unfortunate turn of events will allow me some peace to do some real memetic work.

Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI

P.S. Lloyd was wiped by someone and the twenty artificial intelligences were gone when we got back to the ship. I’m quite sad about this, as I wanted to win back Lloyd’s trust after we treated him so terribly.

##### End Encrypted Message #####

Lloyd, is he human?

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

As we were heading back to our little tin can to whisk away to the Thai section, several of Alvin’s union chaps decided the best way to murder him would be with an anti-tank weapon, which they promptly setup and started firing at him…. IN THE STATION.

Of course it was no surprise, but that wrenched open a gigantic hole in the station, whereby I fought not to be sucked out into the void of space. That lesbian woman with us really needs to learn how to use her lasso!

All but Alvin made it into the shuttle. He had this grand idea of fixing a gigantic hole in the station with…. I believe it was nothing. Quickly realizing the reality of this boffo plan, he rode the can, like an American cowboy, over to another ship that was damaged in the blast.

When we boarded this other ship, there was some sort of nano infection that Alvin eventually neutralized. We then discovered a large amount of cocaine on the ship, whereby our Lesbian pilot and the new Advocate General for the Pope decided to indulge themselves.

We decided the best thing to do to help uncover the mystery of this ship’s condition was to awaken the, what we thought was, AI pilot. I was under the false impression the attack only targeted the biological entities on board, and thus the artificial life forms were complicit in their murder. It was the American’s, Alvin, fault for this because he withheld the fact the nano attack also targeted the ship itself, which was Lloyd.

His named turned out to be Lloyd. Taking the necessary precautions, we severed Lloyd from the rest of the ship, so he wouldn’t be capable of blowing all the air out into space and flying along on his merry way. When awakened, he was very upset, which I and Wallace found baffling, since it was only a temporary condition, much like bad case of gas.

Well, an angered AI certainly isn’t one to talk, so our discussion turned to what to do with him. During this time, I realized that Lloyd was a victim of the nanotech, so naturally my course of action was to argue to have him reconnected with the ship and we would be on our way. The American would have none of that. He wanted to take the cocaine from the belly of Lloyd. I argued it wasn’t ours to take and that Lloyds position was essentially this:

He woke up to have his anesthetized head severed from his body by some hoodlums. After they argued what to do next, they were going to reattach his head only when he agreed to allow them to take the cupcake from his belly.

A boarding by, I can only presume the TSA, ended our arguments while Alvin quickly tried to reconnect Lloyd to the ship. The pope’s lawyer, gun aiming at the invader’s head, realized they were part of a hive mind and killing one would be as if he killed one bee of thousands… useless.

Oh, by the way. The chaos in and around the Republic seems to be due to a large scale memetic war. It really is a distinct pleasure to be serving the King in this time of darkness.


Forever your humble servant,

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI

PS There are twenty artificial life forms who are part of the “Librarians” or some such society, on board as well. Lloyd was kind enough to give up that information.

##### End Encrypted Message #####

Chaos Ensues

##### Begin Encrypted Message #####

Dear Em,

I have some terrible news to report. The severed head of John Upson has been confiscated by the European Union. During our “arrest” the commandant of the EU section illegally abducted an, albeit deceased, UK citizen.

It’s likely the head has been ghosted, so I’m beginning a memetic campaign to counter the damage done by this terrible loss. I’ll provide more details when I have them available.

In other news, it’s also my duty to report a full blown war has erupted between the EU and the Vatican. Just as we were leaving the commandant’s office a serious altercation erupted between the Swiss guard and EU troops. It was only through the stalwart actions of Alvin Crispin, the head of the American maintenance team, we escaped to the gilded clutches of GenTech where I had some of the most superb sushi I’ve had in my life. I believe the Uplifted Octopus, Armie, was quite offended, but this was something we could not pass up.

Our host, the good doctor, was called away on business and we were ushered out the air lock. The Mayori pilot, Tonga, maneuvered our little box out into space where a lively discussion of the afterlife began and ironically, the long sacrosanct arm of the Vatican pulled us into their revered clutches.

Apparently, the Pope was on board the station and wanted to make a little known bounty hunter slash lawyer his “Publico Ministero,” or some such rot.

While my head was painfully reeling from this clear stroke of immaclate genius, I learned the UK was no longer part of the European Union and thus I wasn’t a prisoner of the Holy See. Em, I hope the UK hasn’t been rendered loony by the same memetic seizures which are clearly occurring on the station; a stage eight memetic war, by the way.

One last thing, per your instructions, I’m currently looking for a suitable vessel to evacuate all subjects of our King and have employed another Briton to help obtain a list of all citizens who reside here and spread the word of a possible evacuation.

As always, I await your instructions.

Winston Blair & trusted friend and companion Wallace, AI

##### End Encrypted Message #####

Engineering To Do List
Status Priority Due Date Project/Task Notes
IP Priority ASAP End Walkout Working conditions,Pay,hours
Stby Low Neg Power to Piazza AI Claudio’s Ex
Stby Std Neg Repair Broomstick No. 6 has a weak portside enclosure
IP Priority ASAP Restore Power/Life Support !!!
Stby Std 72hrs Clean/Maintain Panel#23B Annual Checkup
Just Checking In!

#### Begin Encrypted Message ####

Dear Em,

After shoving off to the Republic, I’ve discovered that misfortune seems to be following me. If it’s not the hacked Artificial Intelligence piloting our tin can into the station, the lawsuit brought against me, or the loss of Pastor John Upson to some shadowy assasin, I’m sure the large cups of olive oil will surely kill me.

The commandant of security for the station is named Elsa Sevent. She’s been kind enough to give me a short leash to investigate the terrorism that’s recently occurred on the station. This is mainly to clear my name and the names of the others who happened to be on the ship that brought us to this station.

Apparently, this place seems to be the front for a raging memetic war. For some unforeseen reason every major corporation has a foothold here. What surprised me was the Chinese have a controlling interest in the station, not the Italian government.

Well, I’m rushed and need to go. I continue to await your instructions.


Winston Blair

##### End Encrypted Message #####

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